PA One Call System, Inc. is a privately-funded, nonprofit corporation instituted to prevent damage to underground utilities caused by individuals digging, or otherwise entering the ground without the knowledge of what utility infrastructure might be present. Pipeline locations cannot be assumed and are not generally marked. Fully 99% of all third party damage to pipelines and underground utilities can be prevented by simply calling 811 a minimum of two days prior to digging. It is a municipal, including a Blair Township, requirement that you dial 811 before digging. Calls to 811 will generate a Serial Number which is needed in order to complete any Blair Township Building Permit Application. For more information on PA One Call System, please click on the link below. A brochure with extended information on PA One Call System Routine Notifications is also available below.


Building Permits are required for:

  • > All New Houses
  • > Additions to Exterior Alterations of Existing Houses
  • > Swimming Pools
    (in ground & above ground)
  • > Garages
  • > Demolitions or Any Out Dwellings
    (including sheds & utility buildings)
  • > Fences over 6 Feet & Walls Over 4 Feet
  • > Roofing with Any Structural Changes
    (along with other structures/needs for permits not mentioned)

Applications for permits are available at the Blair Township Municipal Building, 375 Cedarcrest Drive, Duncansville, from 8:00AM until 3:30PM Monday through Friday, or downloadable versions of the Building Permits can be found below.

Blair Township, like all Pennsylvania Municipalities, is under The Uniform Construction Code. This requires State Mandated Forms and Inspections. Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance, Inc. is the Township’s third party UCC Inspection Agency.

Residents in the FLOOD PLAIN areas need to be especially careful to get approval before planning any construction or improvements. This is heavily monitored by FEMA.

Applications for permits should be made at least ten working days prior to the beginning of ANY construction.


814-696-4363 x.103

375 Cedarcrest Drive
Duncansville, Pa 16635


Monday through Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM

If you are in doubt about needing a permit or have any questions in regard to Building Permits, please call Officer Ott before you start your project.

Additional information on the State Uniform Construction Code (UCC) can be acquired on the Pennsylvania Labor & Industry Website.



All Building Permit Application Submissions MUST include a Land Use Permit Application Checklist.

*In addition to the other requirements of the Township, in order for any person to obtain a variance to the setback requirements of the Township, the requestor must provide a variance agreement prepared by a licensed attorney certifying to the legal title of the properties involved and in recordable form for the land records of Blair County. A variance template that is generally acceptable to the Township is attached hereto. However, the final variance document shall be in a form that is acceptable to the Township.


Blair Township’s current setbacks are as follows for residential construction: 35 feet from the front, 25 feet from the rear, and 15 feet from the side property lines. Measurements should begin at the center of the road to measure the distance of setback. The standard setback is 60 feet from the Everett Railroad tracks (measure center of tracks out 30 feet), but in some areas varies depending on location. Contact Everett Railroad for setbacks per location at (814) 695-9628.

PLEASE NOTE – Corner lots have two fronts (35’ setbacks from two sides). If your proposed construction does not fall within these property guidelines, a variance will need to be applied for and approved by the Board of Supervisors prior to any building permits being granted. A drawing of the building showing setbacks from property lines will be required.